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Posted by Mingliang Qin, Columbia University Buddhist Association, January 23, 2015
We update our news and events mainly on: contact us with We will begin to share more information on Lionlink in the end of JAN 2015
Posted by Rachel Bronstein, Columbia University Gospel Choir & Band, November 26, 2014
An evening of uplifting music, just in time for the holidays. Beat your winter blues with praise and joy from the most soulful group on campus.
Posted by Ariane Rinehart, CU Dance Marathon, September 13, 2014
Registration is now live!
Posted by Jovanna Pope, Columbia University Gospel Choir & Band, April 6, 2014
Win a chance to attend our Spring Concert on April 26th for FREE!!! Contest rules and details to follow shortly.
Posted by Leila Fletcher, Artist Society, March 31, 2014
Everyone loves AS's five-hour drawing fest so much, they featured us again in the paper! It contains commentary from some lovely board members and club members.